April 2012. Dance Legends. Part 1.
Last night was a Magical night at Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan.
Beautiful venue.. Full house...
The evening started with an energetic and upbeat Cha-Cha by Michael Malitowski & Joanna Leunis. They set the mood for the night. Throughout the event Michael and Joanna continued impressing us with some non traditional interesting choice of music, costumes and choreography and stayed true to their unique impeccable unrepeatable style.. Following them - all real starts on the ballroom dance world.. Arunas Bizokas & Katusha Demidova brought tears to my eyes with their “Russian” Vienneze Waltz and were shining elegance and class through all 5 dances.. Maurizio Vescovo & Andra Vaidilaite jumped on board with their playful sexy mode. At the end they shocked and touched everyone with the powerful Paso interpretation to a beautiful Croatian song.. Victor Fung and Anastasia Muravyeva brought the house down with their Tango to a Hungarian Gypsy Classic. Victor Da Silva strong muscular and commanding with beautiful featherlike Hanna Karttunen took my breath away with the Gladiator number. And of course, the true legends and unbeatable favorites of the show - Brian Watson and Carmen. Standing ovation after every dance! Their Jive was the last number of the evening and brought the audience up on their feet from the beginning of the song.. It reminded me of their last Jive in Blackpool Final the year they retired... In the same way audience stood up from the very beginning, kept clapping and cheering and did not want to let them go... So was yesterday.. The tears, the adrenaline, the rose petals falling upon them while they were dancing, the gratefulness of the fans who got to see them this one more time... Simply Magical!!

I am looking forward to tonight! It promises to be another great evening full of excitement, surprises and fun!!!

Stay tuned...

April 2012. Dance Legends. Part II
On Saturday night five more beautiful couples shared their talent, skill and “Legendarity” with us. As an opening number the artistic director of the show Taliat Tarsinov had chosen Sergey Surkov & Melia’s Cha-Cha to Michael Jackson’s classic. What a perfect choice! Sergey can move his body like no one else.. and Melia, feminine and sexy is striking with her pronounced unmatched personality... They got the audience excited from the very start. When they danced their Rumba to Lara Fabian’s “Je Suis Malade” tears poured down my face and I could not stop for the duration of the number... It is such a powerful emotional song... the way Sergey and Melia danced and the choreography they had chosen complimented the music perfectly: there was nothing to add nothing to take... I still have goose bumps even writing about it.. I must say that was my favorite number of the night..
Domenico Soale & Gioia Cerasoli carried a romantic theme throughout their show concluding with their best dance - the beautiful Quickstep to “Let’s Face the Music and Dance”.
To dilute slightly the cascade of International style of dancing the organizers invited our fabulous American Rhythm couple Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine and Liana Churilova to perform on both nights. The audience absolutely loved them!! As the Master of Ceremony Gary McDonald (who as always did a fantastic job on a mike) said: it is enough to start pronouncing “Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine” and all the girls go crazy 🙂  .. Both their numbers: Cha-Cha to Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” and an authentic crisp and full of character Mambo were very well received. As well as the numbers by the US National Amateur Champions Pasha Pashkov and Daniella Karagach, the Junior Blackpool Latin Champions Richard Lifshitz and Morgana Lakatos-Hayward from Canada, the young amateur dancers from Brooklyn DanceSport Club and The Last Mambo.. and also three Pro-Am performances by Philip Widlanski and Jolanta Mosteika, Beverly Moore and Alain Doucet, Carolyn Woodruff and Alosha Anatoliy added an extra American Style touch to the program of the show.
Victor Da Silva & Hanna Karttunen did two more terrific dances tonight. The numbers were a total thematical contrast to each other and that just shows us how versatile Victor and Hanna’s skills as dancers and performers are. And of course the lifts... wow.. Real Masters of their field, once again they took my breath away!
The couple I and all of us in the audience were looking forward to see dancing together was Giampiero Giannico & Caterina Arzenton. I never had a chance to witness Caterina dancing live while she was competing and I was honored to have an opportunity to see this legendary lady dancer perform! And of course I was certain she would enjoy dancing with Giampiero as I know how great of a dancer he is, strong, powerful and always in control! Beautiful choice of music, sophisticated simplicity of choreography, truly portrayed character of each dance... Bravi!
And finally the couple who I believe were the audience’s very favorites on the night Riccardo Cocchi & Yulia Zagoruychenko. They heated things up with their Samba in the beginning of the show. In the second act they danced one of the MOST amazing Paso Dobles I have ever seen in my life! I think I forgot to breath watching that Paso.. And their fiery Jive was the perfect ending of this fabulous evening!

Well, I can certainly say the Dance Legends was an absolute success!!! Congratulations Ily and Alena Zislyn for putting together such an amazing event! I hope you continue this tradition and we will be able to witness the Dance Legends for years to come!!