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It was a great pleasure to be part of Tristate DanceSport Championships! As always perfectly thought through, great attention to detail, beautifully decorated ballroom, high level of dancing and very very friendly atmosphere. Thank you Andrei Gavriline, Elena and Luda Conti for taking such a good care of everyone this weekend! Your thoughtfulness shines through and makes all of us feel at home! ❤️❤️❤️

It was a great pleasure to adjudicate the NDCA United States National Championships at BYU! This is one of a kind event where great quality of dancing meets impeccable organization accompanied by an incredible energy of hundreds of dance enthusiasts! Beautiful arena full of people, impressive amount of competitors in all categories, electric atmosphere, lots of cheering, thousands of flash lights dancing across the room during Viennese Waltz - an

Had a great time judging Eastern United States DanceSport Championships! What a fun competition with two amazing shows by Slavik and Karina on Saturday and Riccardo and Yulia on Sunday night! Big international panel of judges, competitors from Poland, Australia, Iceland, South Africa, Lebanon and of course the US! It was so great to watch and to judge! Congratulations Mark Nocera, Dawna Nocera, Riccardo Cocchi and Yulia Zagoruychenko on your

Had a great time judging Maryland DanceSport Championships! Very friendly, cozy, well run event. Beautiful ballroom, lighting, music and lots of great dancing! Thank you Ilya Reyzin, Amanda Reyzin and Igor Vladimirovich Litvinov for putting up so much good effort, a wonderful competition and for having me be a part of it! Special thank you to Igor for the great music at the after party! It’s been awhile I had

Had a great time judging City Lights Open in San Jose! Very well organized, beautiful hotel, elegant ballroom and lots of good dancing. I enjoyed it a lot! Very well done Paul Holmes, Anna Shahbazyan and Josie Lee!! Thank you for having me ❤️ Now off to Maryland DanceSport Championships. Busy month ahead!

It was an honor to judge Ohio Star Ball!! Especially to witness the 40h Anniversary celebration! This year’s Ohio Star Ball was the most beautiful I’ve ever seen! Newly decorated foyer, added stage in the main ballroom, the show was out of this world - such a treat for everyone attending! Thank you so much Sam Sodano for bringing it to us and for all your dedication throughout the years,

Had a fabulous time at Hollywood DanceSport Championships! What a BEAUTIFUL event! Well organized with attention to detail and so much LOVE and CARE for participants! Felt like Michael and Mary never left the ballroom: always smiling, hugging and supporting everyone! Jonathan was greatly missed and I wish him a speedy recovery! Well done Michael Chapman, Mary Murphy and Jonathan Roberts! Thank you for having me! ❤️❤️

Unforgettable time at Empire Dance Championship!! To be a part of such an outstanding judging panel and stand alongside with my teachers and legends Richard Gleave, Anne Gleave and Janet Gleave was a dream come true! Beautiful ballroom, high level dancing in Pro, Amateur and Pro-Am divisions, amazing show on the last night, lots and lots of good energy throughout the whole weekend! I had a blast! Well done organizers

Had a wonderful time judging TWIN CITIES OPEN in Minneapolis! What a fun atmosphere all weekend long! Beautiful venue, great music for dancers, lots of goodies for all the competitors and a warm, family like feeling everywhere!! Well done Amy and Scott Anderson!! Thank you very much for inviting me to be a part of your competition! ❤️


Jul 2017

IDB Dance Camp

It was a great experience as always to attend IDB DANCE CAMP this year! Thank you Rus and Katusha Wilder for having me. Wonderful newly renovated hotel, a lot of space to dance, great coaches, friendly atmosphere and lots and lots of FUN! Well done guys!