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Amazing experience at MILLENNIUM DANCESPORT CHAMPIONSHIPS!! Beautiful venue.. great atmosphere.. high level dancing in all categories.. enormous floor for dancers.. top-class show on both nights! Michael Chapman, you definitely made everyone feel your LOVE! Thank you for this beautiful competition and for asking me to be a part of it! 💕💕💕

Had great time judging WASHINGTON OPEN over the weekend! Very warm and friendly atmosphere, great audience support for dancers, beautiful dancing from competitors and an amazing show by Riccardo and Yulia!! Well done organizers Lydia Petrigova, Eddie Ares and Robert Woods!! Thank you very much for having me and I wish you much success in the future! 👏🏻👏🏻

My trip to California was short but very exciting! Lots of great dancing from my students! Main topic of the weekend - understanding the center of the turn from both man and lady's prospective. That principle is one of the most important. It helps not only get around each other successfully but also stabilize yourself, feel more grounded, be clearer on shapes. People seemed to respond greay and I saw improvement

It was a great pleasure attending and judging Eastern United States Dancesport Championships in Boston. Beautiful hotel with Harbor views, amazing show by Riccardo and Yulia, electric energy from the dancers and the loudest audience ever, - all of this made it a wonderful experience for everyone! Hats off to Mark and Dawna Nocera and their dedicated enthusiastic team for wonderfully organized competition! The Final of the Open Professional Ballroom

Had a great time judging Tristate Dancesport Championships. What a fun competition! Attention to detail and caring for each participant is out of this world! Beautiful ballroom, amazing gifts to ALL dancers, never ending food and treats, knowledgeable fun and adventurous judging panel and of course great dancing throughout the weekend! Congratulations Elena and Andrei Gavriline and Luda Conti on such a success! You did amazing job as usual! Thank you for

I had an amazing time judging Eastern US Dancesport Championships! Beautiful hotel with Harbor views, great show by Riccardo and Yulia, and the loudest audience I've ever seen/heard 🙂! Hats off to Mark Nocera and Dawna (and their dedicated enthusiastic team) for wonderfully organized competition, congratulations on your biggest event ever and thank you so much for having me!

Had an amazing time in California over the past week! What a pleasure it was to work with all my LA and Bay Area "babies" 🙂 !! I love you all lots and THANK YOU again and agin for the joy and positive emotions! ❤❤❤

I had a wonderful time this weekend judging Nashville Starz Dance Spectacular! What a nice competition! Warm, friendly, party and food every night and of course - some of the best dancers in the country under one roof. Thank you David Hamilton for having me and for taking great care of everyone. Thank you my colleagues judges - you were so much fun to work together. Thank you all the

Had amazing two days at David Hamilton's Nashville Ballroom & Co! One of the biggest, brightest, friendliest studios I have ever taught in! Thank you darling David for such a great welcome and to all my Nashville students - you rock!! ❤️❤️


Dec 2016

My trip to LA

Just returned from my LA trip. Thank you to all my students and friends for the great Christmas welcome and for so much joy you are giving me when we work together. I am so blessed and thankful to all of you! ❤️❤️❤️Now back home with my babies. Excited to spend almost a full month at home!!!