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It was my great pleasure to judge Ohio Star Ball! One of the biggest competitions of the year, it offers a great opportunity for us to see amazing dancing in Professional, Amateur and Pro-Am categories! The level and the quality of dancing is rising every year. Pro-Am field, in particularly, is getting larger and more competitive than ever! This is great and I can’t wait to see more and more

What a delight it was to be judging Paragon Open! One of the friendliest competitions ever! Such a warm atmosphere, fully Halloween decorated ballroom, very well organized with great panel of judges!! Thank you Andrei Gavriline and Elena Kryuchkova for having me. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed it!! There was a lot of good level dancing at the competition in Professional, Amateur and Pro-Am categories! Professional Ballroom Final was

HAPPY THANKSGIVING dear Friends! Be thankful to Everyone for Everything! Never expect gratitude from Anyone. This will fill your life with lots of pleasant surprises and realizations that people do appreciate you!

It was a blast judging Ohio Star Ball! So much great dancing! Pro-Am level is stronger than ever!! Such a pleasure to see! Beautiful Pro and Amateur events! Thank you Sam Sodano and the team for organizing such an incredible event and for having me join you this year! Loved it loved it loved it!  (Read my report on Open Professional Ballroom in Dance Beat or on my site coming soon!)

I had great time judging BYU DanceSport Championships over the weekend! So much Dancing, Youth and Potential! More than 100 couples in some categories! I enjoyed judging the most Gold and Gold Bar level competitions. Good quality techniques, "clean" and precise, not spoiled by noise and superficiality of premature rush into Open level. This is how you bring up great Open level dancers! Well done BYU! I am impressed with

My trip to Midwest last weekend was a blast! St. Louis and Nashville - you rock! As always had an incredible time working with all of you guys! Your dedication and eagerness to learn makes my job so easy and FUN! Thank you Alexandr Borodko and David Hamilton for hosting me and taking such good care of me! ❤️

Fun fun fun judging DCDI!! Collegian spirit is the best!!  The amount of participants was impressive. In some events we had to pick 68 couples out of 5 heats into the next round! That was a mental workout 🙂 I was pleased with improvement of overall quality of dancing. Especially in Latin division. It seems like couples are onto the right thing: feet, legs, body action and not too much "Hollywood"

It was so much fun judging Paragon Open in NJ! Very friendly competition with great atmosphere! Andrei Gavriline and Elena Kryuchkova did an amazing job decorating the ballroom, making sure everyone is comfortable and having good time! Saturday night was Halloween Night: Witches, Men on Stilts, Candy Girls.. Judges in Costumes.. 🙂 Everyone had a blast!!! Well done organizers!

The theme of last week, wherever I went (coaching Monday in Chicago, or my weekly Tuesday Workshops in Fairfax Virginia, or my regular coaching in DC) - RIB CAGE. We seem to hear so much about it and still are confused as to what to do with it. While everybody finds their ribs in different ways: by opening them, by closing them, by rolling them, by inhaling, by isolating, - the truth is

It was great to visit my first American home Chicago. That is where (more precisely to North West Indiana) I moved from my home country Belarus in 2000. I saw many of my old friends from the area - it was so sweet!! Many of my students were dancing which made it especially interesting for me to judge. Overall I was pleased with quality of dancing at this competition. Particularly Professional Smooth