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It was a great pleasure to be judging Embassy Ball! Well done McDonald family: Brian, Kristi, Gary and Jason - superbly organized competition, beautiful venue Hotel Irvine, very friendly atmosphere, lots of fun for all participating and most importantly some very lovely dancing in all three categories: Professional, Amateur and Pro-Am. Congratulations to all winners and to all those who are happy with their result. To those who didn't win

Just watched Foxtrot by John Wood and Anne Gleave at Star Dance Championships 2016 ( This is the example of the most exquisite timing in Foxtrot! I could watch it over and over again. The real thing!!!

It was great to be judging at Embassy Ball! Some lovely dancing out here in all three categories: Pros, Amateurs and Pro-Am. Congratulations to all winners and to all those who are happy with their result. To those who didn't win - this competition will go under your belt as irreplaceable experience and will help you achieve your goal in a future. Remember you can not succeed if you haven't

This year I was invited to judge presigious Embassy Ball in Irvine, California! Thank you McDonald family for having me! It was a blast spending a week in beautiful California! For me it was a combination of business and pleasure! My family were with me and we had so much fun! I haven't been here for few years and it was such a surprise how much newer and prettier everything was!

The Waltz workshop yesterday at DC Dance Academy went great!! Lots of new faces as well as many dear old loyal friends. FOUR major topics: Posture/Frame, Connection, Movement, Musicality. In Posture - 4 way Frontal Zigzag, Side Diagonal and 3 way Rotary Torsion made a hit! Interesting that again and again ladies are reluctant to do the appropriate amount of Sway when setting up in position. Which puts the other two

Just spent an exciting and fruitful weekend coaching in the Bay Area. Two intense days which were possible to survive only because I was doing what I love so much - helping people understand their dancing better. And of course the enthusiasm and desire to improve from absolutely all the students. The most common topic through both days was LADY'S TOP LINE. It seams like not always we are aware


Jul 2016

LA Trip Insights

40 Lessons over 3 days in LA! Everyone was great! Thank you for making my long days enjoyable and fulfilling! The most common topic throughout all three days was leg action. I am not a bit surprised because no matter what level of dancer you are it is never enough to perfect leg action. There is still not enough clarity in actions which need to be done to use standing

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Oh what an event it was! Dance Legends 2014 blew everyone’s minds like never before with an amazing combination of high class dancing, heartwarming and exciting dance reunions, emotions, artistry, perfection! It will be the event to remember and talk about by the dance enthusiasts for a long time to come! Night 1. PERFECTION AND EMOTION. If I were to describe Friday night at Dance Legends in two words I

The Emerald Ball this year was the biggest ever! I was impressed by the number of entries in most of the Pro, Amateur and Pro-Am divisions and by the quality of dancing particularly in Pro-Am! Well done Wayne and Donna Eng for putting up a great event and managing to attract so many good dancers from across the country! The Pro Standard division, sadly, was among the least represented since